• Create a Teacher Account

    Visit www.SharpScholar.com click Sign Up

    Click I AM A TEACHER below to sign up as a teacher.

  • Teacher Login

    Visit www.SharpScholar.com click Login

    Enter your credentials and click Login

    Note: If you forgot your password, click "Reset Password".

  • Create a New Course

    After the login, you will be on the "My Courses" dashboard.

    Click "+" show below to create a new course.

    Enter the course name and click "Create New Course".

  • Student Enrollment

    In order to enroll students into the course you can either opt to enroll the students by uploading your course roster as an excel file or if your institute has a Learning Management System (LMS) such as Blackboard, D2L, Moodle or Canvas.

    Excel Based Integration

    To enroll students with an excel file you need a file with three columns:
    Last Name | First Name | Email
    You can download a sample sheet by clicking here.

  • LMS Integration

    For LMS Integration, we support all modern system. Please see the following pages for the guide to most common ones:

  • Create a New Lesson

    Create a new course or select one of your current courses to start creating a class.

    Click "+" to create a new class.

  • New Lesson Basic Info

    First choose between "PDF Lesson" or "Video Lesson" depending on your content.

  • PDF Lesson

    Next give your lesson a name.

    After clicking "PDF Lesson", just follow easy on-screen instructions to upload your pdf and click "Next".

    Video Lesson

    For Youtube based videos just copy/paste the url

    If using a video from your computer simply click "From My Computer" and then upload you video.

    After you have selected the video or added the youtube link click "Next".

  • Add Interactivity

    Once the pdf or video are uploaded you can make the content interactive by adding questions. You can add a question by clicking Add Question.

    Multiple Choice Questions

    Enter the question, time at which to ask the question in mm:ss format (or page to ask in case of a pdf), choices and explanations (optional). You can add more choices by clicking the plus sign. Below the question input you can toggle the end of class option, if you wish for the question to occur at end of the lesson.

  • Short Answer Questions

    Simply enter the question and time/page to ask or toggle at end of class to ask the question at end of class. You can also enter a sample answer to enter either a numeric answer or a sample answer. The system with give students automatic feedback for the sample answer depending on how well their answer matches the suggested one.

  • Check Understanding Questions

    One very quickly way to gauge if students understood the lesson, is to ask them at end of the lesson or after critical points in the lesson. By default SharpScholar adds the understanding check question at end of the lesson.

    After students indicate whether they are need help or understood they material, you can ask them to articulate their confusion or summarize the contents of the lesson (this is optional).

  • Advanced Options

    For the various types of questions you can also add some pedagogically driven advanced options. For the Multiple Choice and Short Answer questions you can add a time limit for students to answer the questions within to more accurately gauge their first reaction. For Multiple Choice Questions you can also set the number of retries students have per question.

    For Short Answer Question you can set hint and a template answer. The hint will shown to students if they get a numeric answer wrong. The template answer will give students a template to follow when answering the question.

  • Add Annotations (PDF)

    If you are teaching using a pdf you can click "Add Annotations" to add notes, highlights and drawings to guide your students through the readings or to ask questions based on the annotations.

  • Sharing Lessons

    You can share lessons in three ways:

    • Direct link to the Course through LTI or simple link
    • Share the link without LMS Integration
    • Share the link with LMS Integration
  • Preview

    You can now preview what you class will look and feel like to students.

    On this page you will also have the option to edit your class, create another class, or share it on your LMS or other systems.

    In the preview you can answer the questions, ask questions, and engage with the lesson just as students do. Don't worry your data won't be saved.

  • View Lesson Data

    Click on an existing class on the course page, see below for sample analytics.

    Lesson Highlights

  • Lesson Responses

  • Students and Feedback